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To Do Land Management has earned a reputation as Athens, Georgia’s premier tree service company. Our commitment to quality and excellent service set us apart from the rest.

We handle everything from tree trimming to tree removal, stump grinding, forestry mulching, land clearing and more.

Find out why the good people of Athens, Georgia trust To Do Land Management for their professional tree service needs. Call 706-862-8225 today.

Top Notch Tree Service in Athens, Georgia

At To Do Land Management LLC, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality tree service in Athens, Georgia. Whether you need brush removal or tree removal, our team of professionals will work with you to create a customized plan for your property.






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Why You Should Hire To Do Land Management Tree Service

Tree service can help you save money, protect your home and property from damage, improve the appearance of your property, and make your yard more enjoyable.

Trees are an important part of any property’s landscape—they add beauty and character, provide shade and shelter, and even improve air quality. But no matter how wonderful they are, trees can also be dangerous.

They can fall on top of your house or cars if they’re not maintained correctly. And if they die from disease or age, their rotting roots can cause serious damage to foundations and underground pipes.

The best way to avoid tree problems is by keeping them healthy with regular maintenance services like pruning or fertilizing (depending on what type of tree).