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To Do Land Management Offers Professional Stump Grinding Services To Our Community In Athens, GA. We Are 100% Locally Owned, Fully Insured, & Licensed To Handle All Of Your Tree Care Needs.

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Stump Grinding Athens GA

Stump grinders are substantial pieces of heavy equipment having a front-mounted steel wheel with a carbide tip that revolves like a saw blade. The wheel is lowered and swung from side to side, grinding further into the stump with each swipe while using the edge of the stump as a guide. Finally, the entire tree stump, including the main roots below the stump, is pulverized into tiny wood chips and thrown away. If a live tree is unlucky enough to be cut down, its roots will survive and sprout new growth. It is required to grind tree stumps in order to start the rotting of the root system. The weather will affect several of the tree stump removal and grinding techniques we carry out.

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When you get in touch with us, we’ll talk about how long the tree grinding should take and how thorough it should be. At this meeting, we’ll also talk about clearing up and getting rid of the extra debris. Before the job begins, every possibility will be thoroughly investigated. Every step of the way in Athens, Georgia, we’ll collaborate with you to make sure the job is finished to your standards.

To Do Land Management is based in Athens, and the majority of our employees resides there. We take pride in always assisting our community in protecting their homes and enhancing their properties. Outside of work, our team is quite active in the neighborhood, and we rely significantly on the networks of contacts and referrals we create every day.

Stump Grinding Experts Athens GA

After you’ve cut down your tree, you might want to think about grinding down the tree stump to get rid of it as well. All of our customers who have their trees removed by us are eligible to employ our optional tree stump grinding and root removal services. Stump removal is a crucial step in the process once a full tree removal operation is finished. It is often handled as a different work order that will be carried out at a later date. Before being carried away for disposal, our powerful stump grinders grind the stump to below ground level and turn it into coarse sawdust.

Stump Grinding Athens

Stump Grinding

Your stumps will be completely ground away by To Do Land Management, and any debris that may have accumulated throughout the process will also be removed. The wood chips may even be kept for your personal landscaping needs.

Tree Root Removal

In order to make landscaping much easier, our staff can also totally remove root systems from your property. Although these root systems may be extensive and deep, our staff at To Do Land Management has you covered throughout the entire project.

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We honor our commitments at To Do Land Management. Integrity is a quality that permeates the ethics of every member of our personnel. Every project presents an opportunity for us to provide the best possible service to our current and previous clients.

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